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Ava’s Grace Scholarship Foundation is providing HOPE to young people who have dreams of higher education and a different life. Our mission is to break the cycle of incarceration through the gift of education. Founded in 2010, Ava’s Grace Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to children of incarcerated parents in the state of Missouri.

Having a parent incarcerated is a loss that can last a lifetime for a child. This loss gives the gift of low self-esteem, the stigma of having a parent in prison, financial hardship and most of all separation anxiety and distance from a loved one. Society has forgotten about the children who are often left behind.

To date most of the funds targeting children of the incarcerated are aimed at children age 12 to 17 for after school, mentoring and sports programs. While getting these children through high school is a very noble goal, there is NO other organization in existence focused on scholarships and mentoring for higher education for this at-risk population – until now.

We at Ava’s Grace Scholarship Foundation are on a mission to give these unique and deserving children a path to a different future!

  • Meet our new class – the Class of 2014: Kaytlynn Garretson of Stockton High School (Attending Southwest Baptist University); Tish Riley of Vashon High School in St. Louis (Attending Kalamazoo College); Max Rose from Winfield High School (Attending Missouri University of Science and Technology) and Aliyah Wilson from Crossroad College Prep in St. Louis (Attending Xavier University of Louisiana).
  • Meet the Class of 2013: Deionna and Dewonna Ferguson of Northwest Academy of Law, a St. Louis Public School. Deionna and Dewonna are both attending Saint Louis University and we are so proud to walk with them on their journey.
  • Meet the Class of 2012: Cari Hill of Webster Groves High School in St. Louis and McKenzie Lockett of Princeton High School in Princeton, MO! Caril Hill is enrolled and thriving at William Jewell College and McKenzie Lockett is in the honors program at the University of Missouri Columbia.


Generational incarceration is a sad reality but not every child is destined to become a statistic. It is our hope to provide the support – both financial and mentoring support – to change the course of the lives we touch. This is an educational issue – it is a known fact that education is the key to keeping people out of prison. This is a workforce issue – if we can help these young people learn a skill we can put them to work instead of out on the streets. This is a moral issue – these children, through no fault of their own, are too often forced to give up their dreams due to the bad decisions of their parents and a broken system.

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