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Vending MachineFirst, thank you for tuning in.

Second, I write how I speak. Which is usually in a direct manner, with passion and from experience. I do not write like an English major. There are many things you will have to forgive me for if you follow this blog over time. But I will always be real with you, even if I don’t get everything just right. Thank you.

Stephanie Regagnon
Ava’s Grace Scholarship Program

Change from a Vending Machine:

A blog by Ava’s Grace Founder Stephanie Regagnon

POST 4: WEDDING BELLS- April 19, 2018

A month after I lied to that woman was my best friend’s wedding. I played the role of reverend (!) and it was a beautiful celebration. But it was another major life event my mom was missing – the wedding of a woman who was like a second daughter to her. Read more…

POST 3: BACKDROP – April 13, 2018

My new normal started in the fall of 2007. That visit when I broke down in front of God and mom and prison guards alike, was the first of my many visits over four years and three federal prisons in three different states. It started my “official” journey with the U.S. justice system. The government had been hunting and tormenting and lying about my family for close to three years at that point, including during a two-week trial in a beautiful building in downtown St. Louis. But it never registered that the slow-moving train wreck I had been watching was actually the nightmare of my real life. Our life. My mom, my dad, my new husband and all the people who cared about us. Read more…


I can still hear the coins dropping. Drink machines and snack machines – several of each lined the wall. I can still see the kids – young, likely all under 10 – and their faces, happy to pick out the sugary and salty snacks without having to search because they knew exactly what they wanted. I can still hear their feet bum-rushing the machines. And at first, I didn’t understand what was happening. Read more…

POST 1: MAKING CHANGE – March 29, 2018

This blog is about my and my family’s traverse through the justice system.
If you read this and decide to follow me on this “channel”, I am sure I will say things and tell stories that make you uncomfortable. And that is OK. My family has been uncomfortable enough for all of us as it relates to the real-life experience of “justice” in our country and it is my sincere hope you never have reason to know the inner workings of our system like I do. Read more…

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